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Type of real estate:

TOHOM nepremičnine d.o.o.
Real estate company
Polana 19
9000 Murska Sobota

Tomislav Farič, direktor
Tel.: +386 31 366 617 (direktor)
Tel.: +386 31 668 749 (Danilo, agent)

General conditions of business

Agent: TOHOM nepremičnine d.o.o., Slovenska street 39, 9000 M. Sobota
Client: client, who has made a contract with mediator about mediation.

1. Validity of general conditions of business

1. a. This conditions are structural part of every contract about mediation, which is made between agent and client.

1. b. If contract about mediation gives special points, which are in contrast to general conditions, are valid points of the contract.

2. Services of mediation by selling or buying real estate

2. a. On the basis of contract about mediation by selling or buying real assets agent for commission from point 3.a. binds himself to perform following services:

2. a. 1. Checking actual conditions of the real estate (examination of the real estate)

2. a. 2. Checking legal conditions of ownership for the real estate and checking eventual rights of the third party (for exmple mortgage).

2. a. 3. Advertising (variety of the media)

2. a. 4. Giving advices

2. a. 5. Having an appointments

2. a. 6. Mediate offers and/ or inquiry,

2. a .7. Conference with lawyers,

2. a. 8. Conference with all kind of expertise from construction line (valuer)

2. a. 9. Interventing by negotiations for making a contract

2. a. 10. Preparing deed of sale, deed of sale in form of notary record is charged specialy in the amount of 50% of her tariff value.

2.a.11. Delivery and/ or taking over the real estate.

3. Commission

3. a. In case of interventig by selling or buying real estate has agent right to commission in the amount of 4% from contractual-salable value, if clients with contract do not arrange a lower commission, or at least 250 EUR for individually real estate, in tolar countervalue by middle exchange rate from Bank of Slovenia on the day of payment, if the contractual-salable value of the real estate is lower then 10,000 EUR.

3. b. Agent has right to commission, when the contract, in which he had participated, is signed.

3. c. Agent in case if the client makes a contract with a person, which did not get informations about selling or leasing real estate by real estate agent, has the right for payment all costs of interventing, which are estimated on one quarter with contract agreed on payment for mediating, or if the contractual value of the real estate is lower then 1,0000 EUR.

3. d. Real estate company ( real estate agent) has insurance for damage for every insured case.

3. e. In commission from point 3a, 3b and 3c it is not included 22% tax on additional value.